Audrey M. – Placed Attorney

“After practicing for 10 years in Texas, I moved to the Kansas City area and began job hunting. I came across Chuck on LinkedIn and messaged him on a whim. Within 24 hours, he landed me two interviews that fit right within the parameters of what he and I spoke about.

Chuck helped me land a dream job in terms of position, responsibility, pay and benefits. It was everything I was looking for, and more.

Chuck is well-connected, extremely personable, professional, efficient. He is a great listener and has a real talent for finding “the right fit” for his clients, which include both firms and attorneys. Time is usually of the essence when job-hunting, and Chuck does not waste any time.

I am forever grateful to Chuck and eagerly recommend his services to anyone in the legal field. Thank you, Chuck!”

Contact Information

Chuck Loose, President

Ph: 816.519.0642

Email: [email protected]