Meet Dr. Terry Bashor…

Terry (Retired) founded Legal Search Associates (LSA), Inc. in 1990. Previously, Terry served as Assistant Dean of the University of Missouri-Columbia School of Law where he recruited superior law school applicants from undergraduate institutions throughout the state and nation. During his tenure, Dr. Bashor also earned his Ph.D. in Higher and Adult Education.

Dr. Bashor transitioned out of education and into the attorney search and recruiting industry when he joined Dunhill Personnel, one of the nation’s largest executive search firms. This experience coupled with his prior experience in the legal education field helped him identify a need for attorney specific recruiting which led to him starting Legal Search Associates, Inc. Terry’s over 30 years of experience in recruiting, legal education and attorney placement have taught him to identify specific qualities that set great attorneys apart from good ones and are the foundation of LSA’s placement success. Terry retired in 2021 naming Chuck Loose as President of Legal Search Associates.

Meet Chuck Loose, J.D…

Chuck is President of Legal Search Associates. For over 10 years Chuck has recruited and placed attorneys for law firms and corporations. He has also conducted group attorney searches and facilitated law firm mergers nationwide. As an attorney, his perspective on law firm hiring trends and knowledge of the legal job markets are extremely helpful resources that provide valuable insight to both clients seeking new talent as well as candidates seeking  new employment opportunities. In 1991 Chuck graduate with a B.A. in Art History and then earned his J.D. in 1995 from the University of Missouri- Kansas City School of Law.


Contact Information

Chuck Loose, President

Ph: 816.519.0642

Email: [email protected]